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 ALL ORDERS ARE SHIPPED ON MONDAY OR TUESDAY. You may request a different shipping day by emailing us at  with your request. 

 SHIPPING: begins during harvest season (mid-October thru mid-December).

DAMAGE: Satsumas are loved for their soft easy peelings as well as their sweet taste. Satsumas are, therefore, a delicate fruit that can easily be damaged in shipment. The boxes are thrown & dropped by their handlers along the way to their destinations. You should expect some damaged fruit, especially at the bottom of the box.

WEIGHT of FRUIT: We DO NOT sell our satsumas by weight. The fruit is not weighed before placement into the shipping box. The number of fruit and the weight of the fruit can vary somewhat, depending on the size of the fruit. When the bushel box is full, it weighs between 37 & 40 lbs. When the 1/2 bushel box is full, it weighs between 17 & 20 lbs. The weights noted are the total package weights (the fruit AND the box) at shipment.