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Simon Citrus Farm L.L.C., in the heart of French speaking  Cajun Country, is located in Vermilion Parish, near Leroy, Louisiana. Come by for a visit!

All  of the Louisiana Satsuma "Mandarin" Orange Trees in our orchard are  from a proven tree stock to assure the quality of the fruit we sell.

If  you are not familiar with the Louisiana Satsuma Orange, it is about the  size of a Tangerine and is very sweet. The fruit turns from green to  yellow as the season progresses. Satsumas are ripe even when they are  still green in color. Our fruit passes sweetness testing before we sell  to the public. What makes the Louisiana Satsuma Orange different from  other oranges is that it is extremely easy to peel, is considered  seedless, and separates easily into segments. Satsumas are naturally  high in Antioxidants, which promote health, and are a major source of  Vitamin C. With its sweet taste, Satsumas are a refreshing fruit  snack.  

Vermilion Parish grown Satsuma Oranges make great gifts for friends and family.

We ship our Louisiana Satsumas to all of the Continental US (except CA).

We sell wholesale and retail at the farm location.  

Orders Are Accepted ONLY in Oct., Nov. & Sometimes December (As the Season Permits).

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